Vivendi Games
design, editor, mgfx
fcp, after effects

Fatdroid edited, had choice of music (which was then “covered” by our music composer) and designed and implemented the motion graphics on this spot.

Strangely, (and we usually avoid this) we did all the motion graphics work in Final Cut Pro, and it was also one of our first jobs on FCP after replacing our Avid-based facility. I think perhaps we did that to see what FCP could do different from Avid.

We did this one back in 2004 so it’s likely one of Fatdroid’s first game trailers too! Just trying to show a cross section of the work… plus we honestly still enjoy the music and intro, where I mixed stock footage with the gameplay…

The 2nd trailer (offline) Fatdroid went and shot a DV documentary style hostage situation which we then mixed in with the gameplay. Fatdroid remembers lots of revisions based on the fact our recreation of the hostage executions were too brutal and convincing… even though they were off camera lol