SWAT 4 Trailer

I edited, had choice of music (which was then "covered" by my music composer) and designed and implemented the motion graphics on this spot.

Strangely, (and I usually avoid this) I did all my motion graphics work in Final Cut Pro, and it was also one of my first jobs on FCP after leaving an Avid-based facility and going freelance. I think perhaps i did that to see what FCP could do different to Avid.

I did this one back in 2004 so it's likely one of my first game trailers too! Just trying to show a cross section of the work... plus i honestly still enjoy the music and intro, where I mixed stock footage with the gameplay...

The 2nd trailer (which i dont have online) I went and shot a DV documentary style hostage situation which we then mixed in with the gameplay. i remember lots of revisions based on the fact, the hostage executions were too... brutal and convincing lol

[Purpose is to show my work samples to prospective clients.]